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I paint minimal images and installations in which I construct a reductive interior environment in response to what I perceive to be an overwhelming exterior world. Aesthetically, I’m informed by architectural geometry and their corresponding shadows, shapes, and silhouettes. I use illusions, color theory, and perspective as a guide to help blur the space between a two-dimensional surface and the three-dimensional world.


I am interested in both the logic and structure of a space inside and outside the frame of a painting. Reducing shapes into solid blocks of color allows me to focus on the exciting moments that occur when shapes and different surfaces interact with each other. I create rules and use systems to guide me when building my image. I violate and play with the viewers’ expectations and understanding of how light and shadow work to control forms and create an immersive illusion.


I view the wall, ceiling and floor to be an extension of a painting or sculpture. A painting or sculpture is just one playing piece of the visual experience I am making. Containing similar playful characteristics like a game, the restricted colors, shapes, and images inform and communicate with one another. The space I depict inside the chosen frame becomes static, compared to the changeable wall, floor and ceiling of the room where these illusions and objects exist. The experience of each painting and sculpture will change with each new space they live.

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